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'text4sexUK gives you instant access to the largest database of genuine women throughout the UK looking for sex chat leading to no-strings adult fun, friendship and sex!'

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the women based?

The women are based all around the UK.

How exactly do I start to chat to one of the women?

Ok, take a look at who's online and once you've selected someone, make a note of their 'Member Name'. To start chatting to your selected member, simply send a message in the following format, substituting 'XXXX' with the 'Member Name'.

T4S XXXX to the phone number 89077

Once you get a message back confirming who you are now chatting to, you are then ready to send your first message. All messages need to start with T4S before them, for example:

T4S Hi Julie, what are you doing tonight?

Can I not use a phone number to send to?

Our systems use what is called a 'short code'. This is 89077 and is used to enable you to send to our servers for delivery to the women. It also ensure safety for both parties. It is advisable to store the number in your phones memory for ease of use when sending.

Can I chat to more than one person at a time?

No, because of the way the technology works and to ensure safety, you are restricted to one conversation at a time. However, you can stop a conversation at any time and start a new one with another person of your choice, just send a text message to start a new chat as shown above and you will switch to that person.

Is this an automated service?

Absolutely not! Unlike a lot of similar services you may see advertised, we can guarantee that all your replies will come from REAL women!!

How is payment made for the text messages I sent?

You are billed to your mobile phone per message which ensure complete discretion at all times for both parties involved.

Only each text that you receive (apart from age verification text messages) will cost a maximum of £1.50 including VAT. Normal network charges apply to messages sent from your handset.

Which networks does text4sexUK work on?

All of the major networks; Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin.

What can I do if I receive abusing text messages?

If you want us to prevent another member from sending you text messages because they are being abusive or you simply just don't want to talk to them any more email us at and we will ban them from sending messages to you, and in extreme cases ban them from the service all together.

As a woman wanting to use this service how do I get my details on the Website?

Email us at and we will send you information.

How do I quit the service & stop the text messages coming?

to quit the service at any time simply send the message 'STOP' to '89077'